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Is your heating or cooling system in good working condition? If it isn’t, call Lockhart Service Co for expert HVAC systems and services in Little Rock, AR. We give the best quotes for the best possible AC repair services in the entire Little Rock region. Our air conditioning repair company is a premier contractor for anything and everything connected to HVAC repairs, installations and so on. Our prices are gentle on the budget while the rendered results are heavy on effects. We work on time-restricted deadlines to meet specific needs and demands of clients in Little Rock, AR. No other company can trifle with our standing as we continue to grow and expand our workforce to unreachable lengths. For further information please contact us.

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My AC system is working again! I am so happy!!! Thanks to Lockhart Service Co I have managed to solve the problem without my husband knowing hehe. He is a good man but can't fix the AC. The guys were fast and professional and the price was perfect. Thank you Lockhart Service Co, you saved me lots of headaches and money. Highly recommend!

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  • Address: 3318 West Roosevelt Road Little Rock, AR 72204
  • Phone: (501) 664-0132

AC contractor installing new unitAre you searching for competitive pricing for your air conditioning repairs or installations? We understand the importance of having and affordable yet reliable contractor, and now at Lockhart Service Co, our professional Little Rock air conditioning contractors can perform your repairs the right way, in a timely manner to get your office or home at a comfortable temperature, all at an low-cost cost to you, so you receive the air conditioning repair service you deserve without breaking your wallet or the bank!

 Our service rates are unsurpassed and our service quality unmatched. Our huge network of expertly trained technicians and skilled contractors strive to make sure you get only the best results for prices that are unbelievably cheap. You’ll learn why we are the number one service provider for HVAC services in Little Rock AR.

We offer 24/7 Service Calls at (501) 664-0132!

As an air conditioning contractor we are an acknowledged  premium leader  in the installation and servicing of air conditioning equipment for your residential or commercial use. Lockhart Service Co also services all brands of air conditioning equipment and maintains a complete parts department to make that service possible. Our experienced technicians are always on call.

HVAC contractor showing thumbs upLockhart Service Co provides the basic comforts that we are all accustomed to. There is a lot that goes into a HVAC company being a quality contractor of AC repair services. You will want contractors who specialize in speed, top quality, and excellent customer service. When you need AC services for your Little Rock home, we know you need the work done quickly. We provide high quality air conditioning repair in Little Rock, AR.

You do not have time to sit around waiting for estimates on a job, you simply want your air conditioning system working. With Little Rock’s climate, you need a heating contractor who can give you an estimate and complete the job as quickly as possible. Lockhart Service Co can get in, get the project done, and get out of your home fast.

If you have an air conditioning problem you have come to the right place to have it resolved.  Selecting the best AC repair, install, replace, or simply maintain your home or business AC systems is a significant issue with comfort and financial implications. Lockhart Service Co has 15 years of experience resolving these kind of problems in Little Rock, AR. We have encountered and resolved every issue imaginable on every name brand  available over the past 15 years.

Our air conditioning repair technicians at Lockhart Service Co are trained and capable of resolving every size of Air Conditioning problem: from industrial size tasks to small cottages! Whether your need is in an office building, factory, or new home AC installation, our HVAC contractors are able and willing to provide you with the ultimate is satisfaction.