AC failure signals

Signs you may need to contact an AC repair contractor


HVAC units are designed to work properly for many years. However, there are times when your system is in need of fixing. There are many signals which indicate you need to contact an AC repair contractor. Here are some of these signs.


Banging and clanging

One of the first signs you need to contact a professional HVAC repair service is the presence of banging and clanging. These sounds often indicate that something in your unit is not working properly and thus is straining it. Banging, in general, is any loud sound out of the ordinary made when you turn on the system.



This is among the common signals of repair. Often it indicates that your burners are in need of cleaning or that they take more time than usual to start up. Should you hear such sounds being emitted by the HVAC, turn it off immediately. This will prevent further damage to the system and avert the risk of fire in your property.


Metal on metal scraping

This is another common sign that you need to contact an HVAC repair company. This means in most cases that several components in the unit have gotten loose and are now rubbing against each other. This is not just damaging for the system. It is also dangerous for you and your family and property. Should you hear this kind of noise, turn the unit off immediately and contact a repair service.


HVAC systems can occasionally encounter problems which can cause serious damage to the unit. There are many signs which indicate the presence of an issue. These include sounds like banging, clanging, and scraping of metal on metal. Should you notice any of these signals contact a professional AC repair contractor. An example of one such company is Lockhart Service Co in Little Rock, AR.