Sensing Foul Smells Coming from Your HVAC System?

What Can a Reputable HVAC Repair Technician Tell You about Bad Odors?

When it comes to heating, ventilation, and cooling systems, we have to be clear about one thing. HVAC systems function to control the indoor air temperature and airflow. And from time to time, you may notice the air coming out of your system has a strange smell. What’s going on, you will ask. Well, let’s leave a professional HVAC repair technician to reveal this mystery.

While certain odors are relatively harmless, others could be a health hazard. One thing is for sure, sensing a bad odor in the room you have an AC unit installed without any additional sources of smell, is a sign of trouble. Leaving such odors uninspected and ignored could have serious consequences.

If it’s coming from the vents of your unit, there could be a mechanical or electrical problem with your device. All its moving components, like the motor and fan, have the potential to overheat leading to these unpleasant smells. If you sense something like burning, you don’t need to think twice to call a qualified technician. Maybe, some parts are damaged and need to be replaced as soon as possible. Do you see smoke coming out of your HVAC system as well? If so, turn it off immediately and call an expert.

The different odors that circulate around your abode go through your AC unit itself. In time, they become attached to the condenser coils and create a smelly film inside the ventilation ducts. Such an issue can only be detected and eliminated with a thorough inspection performed by an experienced technician.

Some odors are harmless. But what about the damp and musty ones? They are not just bad, they are hazardous. Mold and mildew that sometimes build up in the ductwork can spread millions of allergens and spores into the air you inhale. One of the easiest ways to prevent that from happening is simply to keep your filters clean. Oh, and let’s not forget about the regular inspections.


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