HVAC Energy Saving Tips

Expert Advice from a Heating and AC Repair Contractor

HVAC energy expenditures are a significant part of most household budgets, accounting for around 56 % of the average energy bill. We know that can put a serious burden on your budget, so our qualified professionals have prepared a short list of a few energy-saving tips to help home as well as business owners reduce their energy bills. They will also ensure more comfort in your residence, improve the efficiency of your HVAC system, and avoid costly heating and AC repair service down the road.

Equipment Maintenance

Proper equipment maintenance is crucial for every HVAC system. For energy savings and peak performance, you should make sure that your equipment is tuned-up every year.

The best time to check up your heater is in fall, before the heating season begins. Moving parts should be lubricated, gas and electrical connections tightened, and any clogs in the condensate drain fixed. Tune up your air conditioner in the spring, before the cooling season begins. Don’t forget to check, change, or clean the filters regularly. Dirty filters make the HVAC system work harder, wasting energy and causing early appliance failure.

Seal Ducts

It is important to know that the average HVAC system loses around 20 % of duct air due to leaks, improperly connected ducts, and holes. By sealing the ducts, you will improve the performance of your system and help reduce your energy bill. Hire a professional heating and AC repair contractor to seal all duct connections and joints.

Install Updated Equipment

After years of operation, older heating and cooling systems may begin to run inefficiently, requiring more energy to heat or cool residences and commercial facilities. Newer HVAC equipment can make your property more comfortable and save you a great deal of money on your electricity bill.

Insulate Living Spaces

You should make sure that your property is properly insulated. Seal all air leaks and insulate the exterior walls and ceilings of your home.

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